The sun is a great and endless source of energy that energizes the earth and other planets. Among renewable energy resources, solar energy is the one that has been addressed most so far. Solar energy technologies are basically categorized as thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems. Photovoltaic cells directly collect sunlight and convert them into electrical power to generate electricity. Solar radiation reaching the earth ranges between 1400-2000 kWh/m² for Turkey annually. With an annual average insolation period of 2609 hours, Turkey sees a sunny weather in almost 30% of the year.


  • To benefit from an inexhaustible source of energy,

  • To have a cost-effective and green form of energy,

  • To avoid the potential economic downturn by switching to a manufacturer's role after some time,

  • No need to a complex technology,

  • And reasonable operating costs can be listed as the key reasons favouring solar energy.


Solar energy systems derive a clean and pure form of energy from the sun. A solar system installation in your home or office reduces CO2 emissions, fights global warming, and most essentially minimizes dependence to fossil fuels.


Is a clean form of energy; contains no environmental pollutants such as smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, sulphur and radiation. Your projects relying upon solar energy will manifest your environmental consciousness while creating a motive of preference for your prospective end consumers. Within the context of social responsibility as the indispensable approach of all international enterprises today as far as sustainability is concerned; renewable energy is becoming the most important industry of the future along with employees and investors. While steps taken long before towards renewable energy will yield energy savings for a considerable period as long as 25 years, the esteem you will have gained in your social environment, the prestige in the face of your shareholders and customers, and the edge over your rivals just represent the initial advantages of this approach.


Traditional form of electricity generation relies upon fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. To obtain energy, such fossil fuels should be combusted during which toxic gases are released, culminating in today's major troubles: environmental pollution and global warming. In addition, these resources not only do harm the environment, but also are limited in quantity, and consistent depletion of resources has led to drastic rises in unit costs.