In the Biogass Energy market, InteGreen offers whole bundle of services incorporating investment design and development up to commissioning.

• Project Proposal and Feasibility Review

• Strategic Alliance and Service Agreement

• Detailed Site Analysis

• Requirements for Zoning Permit

• Environmental Approval and Reports

• Legislation

• Detailed Raw Material Analysis

• Raw Material Picking, Methods, Discharging & Costs

• Raw Material Characterization

• % Analysis of Raw Material Ingredients, Oil, Protein, Carbohydrates

• Biogas Plant Simulation

•Biogas Stability

• Biogas Yield

• Methane Content

• Buffer Capacity

• Mass Balance Report

• Preliminary Planning, Site, Technical Conditions

• Technical Project Definitions

• Service Planning and Contracts

• Budget Approval and Planning

• Construction, Machine Tenders and Bid Submission

• Turnkey Plant Installation

• 25-year Complete Income-Expense Feasibility Study


As the primary services for Biogas Energy Plant Systems, InteGreen undertakes the execution of strategic alliance and service agreement, detailed site analysis, fulfilment of requirements for zoning permit, and issuance of environmental approvals. In addition, InteGreen offers full range of services for Biogass Power Plants incorporating raw material analysis and characterization together with Biogas Plant Simulation and assessment of energy output based on such data, and setting the appropriate scale of the investment. In addition, InteGreen obtains permits necessary for planned investments and undertakes the whole pre-construction groundwork.


InteGreen is also engaged in the structuring of planned investments. Besides business due diligence, the company conducts Income-Expense Analysis over a 25-year projection based on the project scope proposed and establishes the depreciation time of investments. On investor's demand, InteGreen further offers loan and fund research services.


The company provides the full bundle of services within the context of turnkey Solar Electric Power Plant construction, incorporating Budget Approval Plan as an essential element of Biogas Energy Power Plant projects, coordination of the construction progress and undertaking the electrical cabling.